Review: Lungs – As Dust Reaches the Earth

Lungs album “As the Dust Reaches the Earth” has some great doom/post-metal riffage. The production, courtesy of Adam Tucker of Signaturetone, is top-notch and adds a rawness that is fiercely punk as well.

I saw Lungs several years ago at the triple rock and was very impressed with their heavy, well-crafted music, and I remember making a mental note to check them out again.

The album appropriately starts out with “Call to the Giants”, a fierce tom-driven assault that slows it’s pummeling down to “break free of the mountain womb”, which has an interesting dual vocal melody; part screamed and part howled. First impressions are important, and this makes for a fitting introduction.

Things take a calmer approach on the second song, “Sermon on the Mount”, a solemn dirge that progresses into doom territory then back to a reverbed wash. The sample was hard to hear and seemed like it could have been taken out of the 10 commandments. The song ended with some nice dual-guitar/double-kick battering.

Some of the more obvious comparisons would go to Neurosis and Isis, since they both are credited for pioneering the post-metal genre. I was also reminded of music of Earth, Black Heart Procession and even Codeine at times, especially in the quieter, piano-laden parts of “Alluvium” and “Wintress”.. They have a unique way of blending in more ambient, post-rock type sounds in with the pounding sludge-metal that keeps the songs moving along.

The lyrics seem apocalyptic but not overly wordy, like in death metal. It does seem to be following a theme that might be based on a novel or movie, I don’t honestly know. It has a vaguely western feel that might make an excellent soundtrack for a fallout game.

This record unlocks an outstanding acheivement, I would highly suggest checking them out. You can get the album on a donation basis.

For fans of: Neurosis, Isis (the band), Hark, Pelican, Mouth of the Architect

** This album came out last year, but at the time the site did not exist for reviews. Please pardon the tardiness.

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