Quick Review: Dracular – Clyde

Dracular is a two-piece noise-rock band from Minneapolis. I stumbled across a live video of a set from UndercurrentMPLS (THANK YOU), and then ran across their album while doing some surfing on bandcamp. Dracular come on fierce and spastically riffy from the get go, and tension only dips towards the end of the record. I couldn’t find much information on the band, other than a metal band of the same name from Australia. They remind me of two bands that I really dig, Tiny Hawks and Young Widows. Tiny Hawks based on the noise-rock/punk energy and Young Widows on similar vocal style. I hope to catch these guys live one of these days.

RIYL: Tiny Hawks, Young Widows, Jesus Lizard, Buildings


** So, I originally posted a quick review back in June. Then my webhosting company got bought out by another company and my website was suspended. It took a while for me to find a webhost and recreate things. **

* Thanks Cloudieweb, it’s real standup to buy a company and delete the existing customers info… Just real good customer service there. And no, a "few months free service" doesn’t make up for it. At all. *

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