Show Review: Ambrose Akinmusire, Koool A.D. – Origami Harvest

So Liquid Music is awesome. We’ve told everyone we know who loves music about it, and have even dragged a few friends to shows. You always get a unique experience, as they commission each show like a piece of art.

My first impression of the show were it was like Rachel’s meets Miles Davis with some hip hop thrown in. There were some beautiful moments that stood out- Mivos Quartet did a fierce, atonal piece that had some wonderfully disjointed drumming, and Marcus Gilmore did a solo drum piece that was very impressive. Ambrose is a very accomplished trumpeter, and knows his jazz. He even played part of a few songs with a toddler on his lap, presumably his? Totally cute.

The rapping by Kool A.D. was good, but seemed a bit out of place and like more of an afterthought. I’m not a big fan of freestyle rap either, although I know it’s impressive. Overall, it was very interesting and it was exciting to know we were hearing a world premiere that will be showing at the Ecstatic Music Festival in New York.

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