Like the internet needs another place to review music, right?

Well, being a local musician I know how hard it can be to be heard over the top of all the other voices trying to be heard. There also seems to be a lack of more localized reviews.

Minnesota is blessed to have so many talented and creative people. It deserves a place where all the hard work can get an honorable mention.

I’m an amateur writer, my writing will probably make someone who knows the english language cringe, but i’m doing it anyway. Danelle, on the other hand, is fairly well-read on tripadvisor, she gives honest and helpful reviews. We will both be doing reviews, so feel free to send us some music!

email us:

  • a link to music (or email us for mailing address if you still do mostly physical)
  • a short bio about the release or band

We will review and send you a link to the review. Since this is a spare-time project it might take a while, please be patient.

Mark is into indie, math, noise, metal, experimental, post-rock, punk and classical.
– Current listening: invalids, cloakroam, cherubs, boyfrndz, hop along and j. tillman.

Danelle is into pretty much everything except metal.
– Current listening: beyonce, radiohead