Welcome to the new Triple Decaf site!

Triple Decaf Records is a little netlabel, made for releasing my own tunes (shallos) and some of the other bands i’ve played in.

Couple o’ videos:

  • Back in non-existent business!

    Was not in it for the money, and it shows! Exclamation point!

  • Shallos – Wind Language

    shallos · Wind Language when summer sighs remember autumn’s lightold ears and eyes scowl against the biteonce upon a time the faintest star could paint the skypatiently in vain, we try to hold the sweet remainswaking hungry for withered salad dayswhispers simple icing on the cakelate will come to find the things to lose are …

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  • Shallos – Richard Drives On Deep Into Egypt

    shallos · Richard Drives On Deep Into Egypt Song for the late, great author Richard Brautigan. you were born at the endingand wrote telling backwardspoured in to a rememberance pursuita mirror to your insightreflected unclearlymake waves as a free-verse bridegroom lay each word, gentlytaste to remember, love’s stupid fuss all secrets of past tensehave just …

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  • Shallos – Human Engine

    shallos · Human Engine wrapping up the wounded human enginedodging as the wreck collapsed asidefeast for profit, leave no trace behindlevitating up to burn your featherscoddling the wolves that haven’t dieddawn is breaking time to run and hide

  • Shallos – Puddle

    shallos · Puddle blacker than the cascading notesthat fall out between your teeththicker than a wall of marshall stacks that kiss your fading dream once a river now a puddletainted hardly purer water talk so tough that some believe itfew can see the fear when hecomes a calling you go runninggood for you, and good …

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  • Shallos – Theta Bardo #dronebient

    shallos · Theta Bardo Drone/ambient experiment. Also known as the loch ness drone.